No, not at all. We can't stress this enough; between stock for CDs, cases, the ink costs for printing the inserts and labels, labour of cutting the inserts to size, inserting into the CD, packaging into bubble envelopes and then running the CDs to the post office, and add to that, Paypal fees and the percentage we give back to the original societies and organizations who first sponsored the recordings, there is no profit. Remember - these are one-offs - each duplicated and prepared one-at-a-time and not mass produced. The CDs are only offered as a convenience; a way to back up this golden era of Doukhobor recordings so they won't be lost - and for those that don't want to play MP3s, they'll have the convenience of playing it in their car stereo, home stereo, or wherever - without turning on a computer.

We're hoping that enough people will appreciate what's been done, and donate to this ongoing endeavour. We need your help to complete it; please donate if you enjoy this site.