True, websites do come and go, mostly from neglect, managerial decisions, or not enough funding to keep them going.

Should not be able to sustain itself, at least the material done so far (digitally restored album tracks) and other material will always be available. We decided on using as our 'cloud' storage and it's a very dependable public server (an online library of intellectual properties, if you like). It truly is up to you to download and save this material yourself. is only a portal - a central 'gathering site' of the materials prepared, and presented within this site. Should the site ever meet its end of life through non-support, the materials that have been restored to that time, will have been backed up, and will be available via many other sources. The challenge will be keeping the restoration and development of the materials so we can continue to preserve and present a high quality example of Doukhobor music to the interested public. Your donations would help that process.