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Krestova Youth Choir 2013     The Remastered Sessions (1987)
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In 1987, in a small hall in the village of Krestova, BC, Canada, approximately 50 young Doukhobors assembled over 3 days to record the first LP recording ever by Krestova and area youth. During these original session of 1987, a total of 21 tracks were recorded, though only 9 were used on the original 1987 album. Using modern restoration software, the other 12 tracks were recently restored from the master copies, and a (re)mix of 14 songs on a CD called 'The Remastered Sessions 1987' has recently been manufactured.

In the small village of Krestova in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada, young Doukhobors still sing the songs of their forefathers. In 1986 the Krestova Youth Choir was given the opportunity to travel to Expo 86 (Vancouver) to represent the Doukhobor youth in a mosaic of multicultural performing arts. With many hymns and songs in hand, the idea of a recording session was born. The choir members at the time, ranged from 14 to 30 years of age, with most under 20.

The next year gave us the opportunity to add some gems to our repertoire of songs and an LP album was released in 1987 with 9 cuts on it (while over 20 songs were recorded in the summer of 1987). The balance of the songs, dubbed the basement tapes were never released and never heard by most.

These songs have now been re-mastered and released, some 25 years later. They are unique; some of which were only sung in our Krestova community. One of the song's melody was created by a grandmother, another song written by an uncle.

"Choir" to us was a way to learn the songs of our parents; a way to keep the Russian language alive, and give us youth a sense of belonging. It also provided a safe environment; one that fostered many friendships. The singing gave us a way to create, a way to express ourselves and to experience harmony in our lives. It gave us the ability to honour our elders.

As we dedicate these songs to our forefathers from whom they came, we pass them on to the children of the future.

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Krestova Youth Choir Members:

Sitting (l to r): Tammy Chernoff / Jackie Popoff / Nina Hoodicoff / Gail Makortoff / Michelle Makortoff / Natalie Hoolaeff / Nina Bojey;

Kneeling (l to r): George Kinakin / Sandy Kinakin / John Hoolaeff / Christine Markin / Lee Voykin / Marina Gritchen / Yuri Makortoff / Peter Makortoff / Raymond Makortoff / Cheryl Riebalkin / Richard Koodrin / Robert Bojey;

Standing: (l to r): Christine Shlakoff / Mark Sherstobitoff / Dawn Chernoff / Kim Makortoff / Svetlana Koodrin / Darren Zarubin / Ken Barisoff / Delphi Hoodicoff / Fiona Stoochnoff / Theresa Bojey / Jim Ogloff / Denise Zarubin / Ken Saliken / Max Chernenkoff / Naida Gevatkoff;

2nd row (l to r): Harvey Chernoff / Kelly Tereposky / Kevin Kooznetsoff / Nadine Perepolkin / Larry Perepolkin / Zhenia Saliken / Mick Koodrin / Christine Rezansoff / Lara Podmorrow;

Top Row (l to r): Harold Rezansoff / Theresa Voykin / Steve Podmorrow / Natasha Babakaeff / Yvette Legebokoff / Harold Barisoff / Natasha Rezansoff / Paul Swetlishoff

Harvey Chernoff - Choir Director
Mick Koodrin - Assistant Director
Ron Mahonin - Re-Mastering Engineer (2013 sessions)

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