Blaine Lake Doukhobor Choir
Single Album

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Choir Members, Left to Right

Back Row:
M. Tekanoff, S. Popoff, F. Konkin, W. Riben, S. Stupnikoff, P. Kalesnikoff, J.Androsoff, S. Cheveldayoff,
J. Pereverseff, P. Bludoff, A. Postnikoff.

Front Row: Mrs. F. Kabaraff, Mrs. D. Kabaroff, Mrs. S. Stupnikoff, Mrs. P. Kalesnikoff, Mrs. W. Riben, Mrs. F. Konkin, Mrs. J. Pereverseff, Mrs. S. Cheveldayoff, Sandra Kabaroff, Mrs. J. Androsoff, Jennifer Osachoff, Karen Cheveldayoff, Patricia Kalesnikoff, Pauline Reban, Judy Kabaroff.

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