Kootenay Union of Youth Choir (1979)
Single Album

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Choir Members (Left to Right):

Back Row: A. Nichvolodoff, D. Semenoff, D. Denisoff, E. Deikoff, J. Postnikoff, L. Kurnoff, D. Konigan, R. Zaitsoff, S. Samarodin, F. Konkin, L. Hadikin, G. Zaitsoff, O. Harshenin, A. Stoochnoff, S. Verigin; N. Verigin, F. Tarasoff, J. Kalmakoff, I. Davidoff.

Center Row: W. Voykin, N. Hadikin, S. Rilkoff, L. Tymofievich, V. Kabotoff, N. Swetlikoff, V. Evdokimoff, I. Koorbotoff, S. Hadikin, N. Cheveldave, I, Hadikin, L. Tamelin, N. Zaitsoff, E. Argotoff, A. Plotnikoff, N. Podmorow, L. Koorbotoff.

Front Row: S. Konkin, A. Zaitsoff, L. Plotnikoff, S. Stoochnoff, N. Voykin, O. Perepelkin, N. Podmorow, S. Semenoff, V. Plotnikoff, D. Hodikin, A. Kanigon, S. Elosoff, A. Popoff, E. Osochoff, O. Ozeroff, I. Kinakin, N. Verigin, J. Negreiff.

Missing from Photo: Back Row; D. Katasonoff, Front Row; L. Strelieff, D. Kotasanoff

The Kootenay Union of Youth Choir originated in January, 1978. It was organized for the principle reason of maintaining interest in the cultural aspect of singing, within the membership of the Union of Youth.

The Union of Youth is an organization whose main interest is to establish a sense of responsibility of its membership. The organization reveals the importance of becoming a benefit to the community, as well as a benefit to the whole world by dedication, participation, and expression of thoughts pertaining to love and peace for all of mankind.

Since its establishment the choir membership, as well as its two directors, Paul Samsonoff and Peter Voykin, have faithfully fulfilled their roles. The strong dedication of the choir has caused it to grow and improve tremendously.

Through the strong Doukhobor ideals and hard work the choir has made a recording that is dedicated to the people of the world.

From Us to You!