Kootenay Union of Youth Choir 1984
Single Album

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Back Row (Left to Right)
C. Verigin, S. Hadikin, P. Kazakoff, J. Bojey, B. Kalmakoff, C. Verigin, E. Verigin, B. Kanigan, B. Osachoff, G. Koochin, L. Hadikin

Center Row (Left to Right)
P. Semenoff, F. Tarasoff, B. Laktin, D. Streloff, P. Poznekoff, A. Voykin, A. Jmaeff, D. Pereverzoff, P. Samoyloff, L. Samoyloff, K. Semenoff, S. Wasilenkoff, S. Samoyloff

Front Row (Left to Right)
N. Bojey, E. Strelaeff, L. Plotnikoff, A. Kazakoff, C. Hadikin, L. Kinakin, L. Markin, J. Argatoff, L. Plotnikoff, W. Strelive,
K. Deikoff, N. Swetlishoff, C. Plotnikoff, S. Pozdnikoff, M. Wasilenkoff, K. Laktin, C. Kooznetsoff, L. Cheveldave, K. Kinakin,
K. Perepelkin

During the past several years the Kootenay Union of Youth Choir has shared their ethnic culture by performing for many different audiences in Western Canada. The choir has provided the young people à way of learning about their Doukhobor faith and culture as well as à positive avenue of creative expression.

Through the years that the choir has been together, the young participants have continued to show interest and enthusiasm in their desire to learn and share with others apart of their heritage.

Paul Samsonoff, the choir director, has shared his talent and love for music by teaching the art of choral singing. His efforts are acknowledged and greatly appreciated.

Today many people share acommon concern for peace and our choir dedicates this album to this cause, as expressed in our album theme - "In Honour of Peace and Freedom".