Kootenay Choir: Toil And Peaceful Life
Single Album

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Choir Members:

Front Row, Left to Right -
Katherine Kalmakoff, Lucy Voykin, Nettie Kazakoff, Vera Kanigan, Ileene Voykin, Luba Rezansoff, Frances Kanigan, Lovette Nichvolodoff, Vera Samarodin, Lucy Tomilin, Margaret Wasilenkoff, Nancy Cheveldave, Ruby Argatoff, Florence Hadikin, Florence Swetlikoff, Polly Samoyloff, Mable Denisoff.

Back Row, Left to Right - Leonard Voykin, Peter Voykin - Director, Peter Samoyloff - Co-Director, Alex Renzansoff Mike Kanigan, Bill Nichvolodoff, Pete Samarodin, Bill Kalmakoff, Harry Hadikin, Peter Kazakoff, John Waslenkoff, Walter Kanigan, George Swetlikoff, Harry Argatoff, Joe Cheveldave, Larry Tomilin, Nick Denisoff.

Back cover notes

Kootenay Choir: Toil and Peaceful Life
Members of the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ
Castlegar British Columbia Canada

The Kootenay Choir, one of several Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ choirs, was organized in 1962. The choir is keenly interested in the preservation of the Doukhobor culture and traditions.

In the eleven years of singing, this group has taken an active part in Doukhobor cultural activities such as Youth Festivals, Talent nights, Yuletide programs. They have also participated in folk festivals, conventions, as well as manifestations for peace and brotherhood. In 1969 the group released their first long play stereo album.

The desire to preserve the art of Doukhobor singing has united the members of the Kootenay Choir into a harmonious group with similar goals in life.

Both of the album photos were taken along the scenic Kootenay River. It is in this beautiful region of British Columbia that the Doukhobor people have lived for over half a century. It is their desire to live in peace and to be close to the soil, close to nature and always ready to join in song.