Peace: Doukhobor Cultural Choir
Single Album

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Choir Members: Front Row (Left to Right): Elsie Campbell, Julia Perepolkin, Molly Kinakin, Lucy Tarasoff, Marie Balchewski, Lola Nichvalodoff, Eileen Makiev, Florence Kinakin, Anne Jensen, Olga Plotnikoff, Helen Kinakin and Polly Saprikin.

Back Row (Left to Right): Paul G. Samsonoff, Director; Mike Voykin, Walter Laktin, Fred Soukeroff, Phillip Plotnikoff, Joe Nazaroff, Jack Nichvalodoff, Peter Sookavieff, Bill Kinakin, Andy Tarasoff, Peter Popoff and Mickit Nazarov.

Back cover notes

Our Choir

The origin of the Doukhobor Cultural Choir took place in 1975. Although, we are the youngest adult choir in the Organization of U.S.C.C. we have participated annually in the many local events, Talent Night, Youth Festivals, opening of our Cultural Centre at Brilliant, BC.

By invitation of the "Nordic Lodge" we also presented a programme of songs to the "Blind Students", some from Vancouver, BC., Spokane, Washington., and from Norway, leaving a very appreciative audience.

In conclusion, just a word of appreciation to our director Paul G. Samsonoff, who has over the past thirty years, given of himself a very long and worthy dedication to both us adults and our youth, in the Cultural work of both voice and song.

Our sincere thanks.

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