Slocan Valley Choir 1965
Single Album

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Men - Left to Right:
John Nesteroff, Sam Fillipoff, Pete Laktin, Fred Konkin, Pete J. Relkoff, Pete Zaytsoff, Fred Osachoff, Pete F. Relkoff, Harry Chernoff, William Voykin, Andy Popoff, Bill J. Verigin, William L. Verigin, Bill Strelioff, Pete Kanigan, Fred Planidin, Nick Shkuratoff, Sam Shukin.

Women - Left to Right:

Ann Relkoff, Gertie Konkin, Grace Fillipoff, Florence Verigin, Mary Kanigan, Ann Nesteroff, Polly Verigin, Susie Voykin, Polly Strelioff, Elizabeth Chernoff, Pauline Shkuratoff, Ann Zaytsoff, Mable Osachoff, Nora Laktin, Vera Planidin, Polly Relkoff, Stella Shukin, Mary Popoff.

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