USCC Union of Youth Choir: Let Us Take The Hand of Christ
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The Union of Youth of the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ has always recognized the importance of choral singing in the lives of Doukhobors, and continues to stress it as one means of preserving the valuable Doukhobor culture and of developing better understanding and friendship among the peoples of the world.

The Grand Forks Union of Youth Choir continues to participate at most Union of Youth functions, including Christmas and New Year's programs, Talent Nights, and the annual U.S.C.C. Youth Festival.

These young people are active in community projects, they participate at muilticultural folk festivals, they present their own Variety concerts, and maintain close ties with Doukhobors living in other areas.

The most significant undertakings of the choir in the recent past, have been its presentations at Expo '74 in Spokane, Washington, and its visit with the Molokan people in California during the spring of 1975.

It is hoped that activities such as this will continue in the future, and the message of love and peace, which the Doukhobors value so highly, will be spread throughout the world.