Yes, we accept cheques or money orders, made payable to Our postal address is:


RR # 1,
Winlaw, BC


Your tender will be held until it's been cleared however, so your order will be postponed a bit. If you're ordering outside of Canada, please use the Buy CDs at the tab above. Shipping/handling is calculated in Canada only at $2.00 per disc - but that only applies to Canadian orders.

Example: 1 disc $20 = $2 shipping/handling = $22.00
  2 discs $40 = $4 shipping/handling = $44.00
  3 discs $60 = $6 shipping/handling = $66.00

If you wish to order more than three discs at a time (even in Canada) please use the Buy CDs tab because we can cut down the shipping/handling rates considerably.