In a few pockets where Doukhobors live, choir singing is still a somewhat active pastime. Some of the choirs listed in this archive still exist, but go on with younger members, though a few well-known (and outstanding) traditional choirs have now disappeared entirely. Overall interest has declined and the ambitious recording of yesteryear seems no more; sadly, the last known Doukhobor Choir that recorded was the Victoria Doukhobor Choir that recorded an album on CD of Christmas material in 2011.

Prior to that, the Psalmist Project incorporated singers from Grand Forks, Krestova and Slocan Valley (BC, Canada) to release a limited edition double CD set of selected psalms in 2009.

Recently, The Krestova Youth Choir released a CD of 14 songs that were recorded in 1987 (but not released until now), and that collection (because it was actually recorded during the the LP era) will soon be available for purchase in this archive.

Though singing still prevails, the number of singers per choir has diminished, the number of choirs has diminished, the ambition in recording and releasing new material seems to have diminished - which was another driving reason in creating this archive.