CD On Demand (like Books On Demand) eliminates the need to factory-produce materials like these - but at a cost in both labour and supplies. Mass production translates into quick turn-around (and savings at a cost-per-unit level because the factory buys supplies by the hundreds of thousands), whereas CD On Demand means that the product is generated on a per-order basis, as needed.

In a CD manufacturing firm, a thousand CDs complete with album covers/inserts can be manufactured in a few hours. On Demand means each CD is duplicated individually, label-printed individually, then the CD inserts are printed, trimmed, and placed inside the case, all manually, as needed.

The demand for this Doukhobor LP era music is very limited, so CD on Demand is a viable alternative. The end result looks 'factory fresh' and a professionally-looking (and sounding) package, though we don't shrink wrap the CDs like store bought.