Slimline cases are a new trend, brought on by absurd mailing costs of the older thicker jewel cases with twice the plastic. Slimline cases are half the thickness and a good third of the weight of a jewel case CD, and lack the spine (which reduces the thickness, thus the weight).

Local mailing of two standard jewel cases in a bubble envelope exceeds Canada Posts guideline to the point that it's considered a parcel, and two jewel cases together totals over $11 in postage costs - over double of what our two x CD mailing costs are.

A slimline jewel case has a spine width (thickness) of 5.2mm as opposed to the standard jewel case thickness of 3/8-inch (9.52mm). Slimline jewel cases are made of polystyrene, just like standard jewel cases - but without the weight and excess plastic.