The spirit in which this site was created wasn't profit oriented, but to share the music freely of this particular era. Though you can download all the music in high quality MP3, not everyone has the know-how, to do that. Not everyone has the ability (or software) to convert the MP3 to a .wav file, and burn a regular CD. And not everyone has a colour printer, knows how to download the artwork and print, cut, and fold a CD insert, and frankly, not everyone wants to.

We're simply making the offer to buy CDs on demand for those that just want the ease and convenience of having a pre-duplicated disc that they can play in their vehicle or elsewhere. The MP3s on this site are for listening, learning, downloading or enjoying - and we hope you do! If you wish to buy a CD, we can accomodate that, but it is simply offered more as a convenience for those who don't know how to make one. If you enjoy what we've offered here, please don't be afraid to donate.