In the LP realm, the first three pages represent the entire LP collection of a cappella (choir-type) music - which hasn't been finished yet. Originally it was thought that this online collection would only encompass the a cappella recordings of the LP era. But since the project began, there have been a multitude of collections that have been re-discovered. For example, there is a complete archive of field recordings that were done in Russia in various Doukhobor villages. This archive wouldn't require the hundreds and hundreds of hours in restoration, because that library would be uploaded only so the songs are not forgotten (and nor is there any artwork accompanying it). While that particular archive isn't of the vinyl era of Canadian Doukhobors, it would seem that this portal is a likely location to place that valuable library - all freely downloadable.

With enough support, we might get to the music with instrumentation. Additionally, other forgotten recordings have since been re-discovered as well - but the intention is first to complete the era of the LPs, and get to other libraries later if this project can sustain itself. We need your help to complete it; please donate if you enjoy this site.