CDs no longer available

Unfortunately for some, CDs are no longer available from, and haven't been for some time. We may have missed the odd 'order form' throughout this site, so please ignore them if you come across any.

Ours was an 'on demand' system and demand was so sporadic it no longer became viable to offer them. That, and the dying CD market itself due to popularity of portable devices made it impossible to stock many items related to producing them. It was only meant as a convenience to some, that no longer filled a need.

Should you really have the need for a hard-version CD copy, wre advise you to download the selection you like, and transfer the file to .wav (if your car player for example won't play MP3s). There are several free apps on the net that would help you convert and burn a CD on your own.

Google is your friend!


CDs no longer available