A Few Recommended links
Song of the Doukhobors: An Introductory Outline. A wonderful exposé on Psalm Singing. Ottawa: National Museums of Canada. 167 p. (Folklore Series; 7). The paper version is out of print. Surprisingly, this 1970 book is available in .pdf for download from the Canadian Museum of Civilization's website. (A 10 part pdf series)
Doukhobor Singing: A Personal Experience - by Frances Kanigan
Doukhobor Music Online: Hosted by the Doukhobor Museum in Castlegar, BC (since 2003), this archive was the 'granddaddy' of the online experience of Doukhobor music. While not as complete as the DoukhoborMusic.ca archive, it has selections that this archive doesn't have, and is worthy of a visit nonetheless.
Doukhobor Song Library: The site claims, "The rerecording of material from magnetic media (reel-to-reel tapes, cassettes) and records to digital format continues with approximately 350 titles completed to date."
Doukhobor.org - One of the best resources on Doukhobors, on the planet.
Canadian Museum of Civilization (Doukhobor Exhibit)
Rachel Rilkoff Photography - When you want to capture those special moments for a lifetime and beyond... Rachel's your go-to photo-gal. Superb photograper!
USCC Doukhobors
Iskra Magazine: The Voice of the Doukhobors
Anna Markova - a singer in her own right
Larry's Desk - presents interesting Doukhobor-related side lights which may or may not appear on other sites.
Doukhobor Store - Your online source for items relating to Doukhobor workmanship, skills, and heritage.
Lightworks Canada - Healing/Gifts
Vancouver Island Doukhobor Community Association - One of the best standing choirs upholding the tradition of Doukhobor choir singing.
Song Traditions of the Doukhobors: Commemorating the Past, Constructing the Future Senior Thesis of February 2005, by Stephanie Landucci, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Music.