Brilliant Choir 1975 Singing Is Adornment To Our Souls
Single Album

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Members of the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ Brilliant, British Columbia, Canada

Choir Members:
Pete & Nancy Kazakoff, Tina Saliken, Helen Makortoff, John & Mary Tarasoff, William & Winnie Koorbatoff, Fred & Florence Nevakshonoff, Joe & Florence Cheveldave, William & Polly Oglow, William & Dorothy Perehudoff, Nick & Mary Arishenkoff, John & Winnie Bloodoff, Pete & Elsie Relkoff, William & Mary Dootoff, John & Tina Popoff, Sam & Florence Streloff, Alex & Mary Tamelin.


The Brilliant Choir, named after the above location of Brilliant, BC was organized in 1958.

The original and present purpose of the group is to promote a friendly and harmonious relationship of the Doukhobor people with its neighbors and at the same time to support peace amongst all peoples. In our strong desire to attain this goal, and to share our culture with others, the fbllowing were some of the activities of the Choir: an appearance on KXLY - TV in Spokane; giving concerts and performances for service clubs such as the Junior Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Club, Fraternal Order of Eagles, Credit Union Conventions, International Art Fairs, Fall Fairs, Peace Manifestation at Dana Air Base in Saskatchewan; concerts in the three western provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia in Canada; and the annual appearance at the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ Youth Festival in Grand Forks, BC. Many members of the Brilliant Choir participated at the Montreal World's Fair in 1967. In 1974 at the Spokane World's Exposition, the Choir rendered two performances.

The present album is preceded by two previous recordings in 1960 and 1965.

In sharing our culture through this recording, our hope is to gain the friendship of all peoples and amongst people everywhere to encourage everlasting PEACE.