Ambassadors For Peace: Kootenay Doukhobor Youth Choir
Single Album

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Back Row: M. Cheveldave, R. Sherstobitoff, D. Pereverzoff, Y. Makortoff, S. Strelaeff, M. Voykin E. Verigin, C. Sherbinin,
G. Sookaveiff, P. Samoyloff, D. Samoyloff, P. Sookaveiff (chap.), P. Verigin (chap.)

Middle Row: R. Voykin, L. Swetlikoff, T. Stoochnoff, F. Tarasoff, G. Hadikin, R. Gritchin, R. Chursinoff, K. Chernoff,
C. Gorkoff, M. Kalmakov, D. Pereverzoff, V. Gritchin, T. Vanjoff, M. Strelaeff, J. Novokshonoff, K. Kalmakoff (chap.)
L. Samsonoff (chap.), P. Popoff (chap.), L. Semenoff (chap.), M. Semenoff (chap.)

Front Row: T. Vanjoff, L. Kalmakoff, L. Perepelkin, S. Popoff, M. Kanigan, T. Gevatkow, J. Voykin, L. Ozeroff, L. Perepelkin, L. Legebokoff, K. Verigin, L. Sapriken, L. Plotnikoff, M. Perepolkin, S. Verigin, S. Popoff, P. Samsonoff (Director)

Front: L. Stoochnoff, S. Konkin

Missing: P. Samoyloff, P. Semenoff, P. Strelive, D. Tarasoff, L. Verigin, A. Wishlow (chap.), K. Wishlow, M. Wishlow (chap.), B. Zarchikoff, T. Zarchikoff

Pictures On Front Cover:

Left: Choir poses with a statue on the United Nations grounds of a man beating a sword into a plowshare. The statue is a gift to the U.N. from the Soviet Union and has a plaque which states: They shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation neither shall they learn war any more. ISAIAH

Right: The Plaza of Nations (tall building) and the General Assembly (low building) behind the flags of all nations belonging to the United Nations.

"We Are For Peace"

This album is to commemorate the historic trip which the Kootenay Doukhobor Youth Choir of British Columbia, Canada made to New York during June of 1988. The trip to New York was made during June to coincide with the United Nations Third Special Session on Disarmament and Development which Canada was instrumental in helping become a reality.

Highlights of the choir's trip to New York included a full performance at the United Nations International Plaza, a performance at the Canadian Mission to the U.N. and a short presentation at a non-denominational prayer service held at Riverside Church. The choir also held a traditional Doukhobor prayer service at a peace park across from the United Nations.

The hymns and songs contained in this album are the ones which the choir presented in New York and reflect the theme of peace and brotherhood. "We have come to share our culture and our hopes for building World understanding and trust on this historic occasion of the United Nations Third Special Session on Disarmament."