These are other archives we hope we will be working on, some completed, (some not yet available, linked, or uploaded)

The 78s Project: This archive will interest those who expressed curiosity in the music performed by Doukhobors with musical accompaniment during the early vinyl (shellac) era (1948 to mid 50's). The 78s Project can be seen here.

In Russia, Vladimir Koochin spent time in field-recording various villages where Doukhobors sang. The recordings are not studio quality, but the collection comprises a 12 CD set of interesting and some rare material that was made available for this archive. Vladimir Koochin collection:
Eli Popoff Lecture Series

Doukhobor Philosophy: By Eli Popoff. Author /Writer, Historian, Mr. Popoff gives a lecture series in 1981 at Selkirk College, British Columbia, Canada. Spread over a series of days, each of the 7 tapes constitute his entire lecture covering Doukhobor history, philosophy, and goes into the meaning of some psalms and hymns of the Sbornik (collection of once-memorized psalms, hymns, and folk songs). Access this archive here:

Psalmist Project ll: A project in the works to record the remaining psalmists in the Boundary/Kootenay region who will be singing a collection of funeral psalms/hymns. This will be a significant archive, for it seems the art of psalm-signing is diminishing as the singers age, and no younger singers are rejoining to learn this once-traditional art form. Psalmist Project ll will be available when it's been recorded.

Peter Koftinoff collection: Peter spent much of his younger years recording various groups and individuals. In 1954 he was commissioned by the CBC Radio to produce several programs on the activities of the Union of Youth of the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ. (Doukhobors). During the course of 1954-1955 Peter traveled with several other participants and recorded many hours of singing. Unfortunately the project was cancelled and the tapes were stored away.
Fifty years later Peter found the taped material. The information was deteriorating on the tapes, therefore had to be digitally restored and edited. The singing consists of several choirs and area groups who would gather together and practice singing. The groups that you would hear are from the Kootenay area of Nelson, Castlegar and surrounding communities.

Peter made these CDs to one-hour-each recordings for archival use and will make them available to those that wish to listen to them. These are down to earth songs sung by ordinary people and not by professional singers.

His CDs are available to purchase on his own site but some of his tape collection will be found here on the Peter Koftinoff collection: