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Why is Doukhobor music mostly all a cappella, without musical instruments?
There were some other albums by Doukhobors that had musical instrumentation on them - are you going to put them on here too?
You mention restoration and re-mastering. What exactly is that?
Why do the LPs sound so much better that the 78s?
On the Buy CDs list, there are a few that you list as Not yet available. When will they become available?
Can you accept an e-mail Interac transaction instead of Paypal as payment?
 Some friends just bought a few CDs at a festival and they were only $15. Why are your CDs more?
Why are some of the links kind of greyed out and don't work?


The Nelson Ladies Doukhobor Choir How Great Thou Art CD1327

Blaine Lake Doukhobor Choir (1972) CD1328
  Dmitri And Yuri Makortoff  (1977)
  Expo 86: U.S.C.C. Doukhobor Choir CD1330
Kootenay Union of Youth Choir (1984) In Honour of Peace and Freedom  CD1331
Kootenay Choir (1969)
Toil and Peaceful Life
Kootenay Choir (1973)
Toil and Peaceful Life
  Kootenay Choir In Concert: Toil and Peaceful Life (1976) CD1334
  Russian Male Chorus (1972)
Our Blessed Home Six Organized Choirs & Anna P. Markova (1978)
  Slocan Valley Choir 1965
Slocan Valley Doukhobor Youth Choir (1974) CD1338

USCC Youth Choir:
Grand Forks, BC
(1964) CD1339

Slocan Valley Doukhobor Choir
Tribute To Our Forefathers

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