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Welcome to DoukhoborMusic.ca 

From the early 60's to the late 80's, Canadian Doukhobors recorded more long play records per capita than any other ethnic group. Statistically speaking, it was nothing less than a social phenomenon. To Doukhobors, it's just what they did. Music - especially singing, has always been an integral part of the culture. It's why many of these choirs were invited to World Expos, were invited to sing in various other countries, had entertained for VIPs worldwide, and embraced by their own communities. Sadly, there are less and less recordings today, than ever before.

Here you'll find a gateway to the Internet's only complete source to the era of Doukhobor music on LP, digitally restored in full length songs - free to listen to, free to download as MP3, and now available on CD to purchase if you prefer.

By arrangement with the heirs and associations that originally recorded these albums, DoukhoborMusic.ca undertook a monumental project in digitally restoring this collection to preserve this unique musical culture - so it can be enjoyed once again and won't be forgotten like some other collections in long-lost mediums.

The collection in this online catalogue has been digitally restored and remastered to preserve the beauty of this golden era of recording, and we invite you to listen - or download any selection of each album by clicking on the smaller album cover or 'View'.

We think you'll agree that in spending hundreds upon hundreds of hours in making each album sound and look as good as it could, we accomplished the goal. Now, available by a method known as CD On Demand, you can enjoy Doukhobor music in your home or vehicle, without being online. Please do enjoy your visit and the beauty of Doukhobor music!
  Kootenay Doukhobor Youth Choir (1988)
Ambassadors For Peace
  Blaine Lake - Saskatoon Doukhobor Choir (Double set)
  The Bridge of Friendship
  Brilliant Choir 1960
  Brilliant Choir 1965
  Brilliant Choir 1975
Singing Is Adornment To Our Souls
  The Friendship Choir of the USCC Dedication (1978)
  Doukhobor Expo Centennial '67 Choir
Toil and Peaceful Life
  USCC Friendship Choir (1979)
Toil and Peaceful Life
  Friends (1975)
  Glade Duet: Marie Balchewski/ Elsie Campbell (1979)
  Gertie Konkin and Nora Latkin
The Love of God

LP Collection
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